The only NFT to build homes for displaced families and feed starving children around the world...with proof.


Ethena nft

Ethena NFT Image
#127 Heavenly Ethena


Ethena NFT Image
#43 Benevolent Ethena


Ethena NFT Image
#158 Supreme Ethena


Ethena NFT Image
#155 Gucci Ghost Ethena


Athena (Ethena), was known for her Wisdom and Protection. All Greek heroes asked for her guidance...

Ethena is a prime example of what our World needs today. A will to help others with true Compassion. Guiding all who follow her... with a peace of mind.

Each and every NFT we create is with patience and a lot of thought.

We do NOT use codes to mass produce our collection. We believe each NFT should be created as a true masterpiece. This will drive up demand and value of our NFTs. After all, Ethena was remembered for her handicrafts...

The purpose of creating ETHena is to dedicate 25% of every sold NFT to charity

To further separate ourselves, our collection collaborates with Launchgood. For every charity campaign that is donated to, we regularly post proof on our Instagram and TikTok accounts. Those currently aided include: orphans, families displaced internationally due to Covid or war, children that require food, shelter, education, water wells and more.

What is an ETHena?

Ethenas are carefully designed 3D art images of the Greek goddess Athena in her statue form. This token rules in both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Each statue has been created in a fashion of art to connect with the buyer. As time passes, each piece increases in value. This benefits both the buyers and the campaigns that are donated to. Make sure to be early for all announcements including special edition Ethenas that will be donated to our buyers at random as a token of appreciation for helping others.

How to purchase?

Ethena is an Ethereum based NFT. This means you will need to download a google chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. MetaMask is a safe crypto wallet and token exchange that allows you to purchase or store Ethereum, along with various cryptocurrencies. You may purchase Ethena on and avoid all gas fees by converting your Ethereum to Polygon there. When swapping to Polygon for the first time, there will be a one-time minor gas fee. Once Ethereum 2.0 is available, gas fees will be little to none as expected and there will be no need to swap.



Phase 01

Goddess of Wisdom

  • Release a limited portion of Ethena at a reduced floor price to kick off the Collection (profit gain for buyers)
  • Donate 25% of all sold Ethena proceeds to charity campaigns that will be listed and updated periodically
  • Launch Ethena Merch store

Phase 02

Heroic Endeavor

  • New members within this phase will have their name engraved onto a plaque that will be raised onto a newly built water well or home for a needy family. Video proof will be emailed within 4-8 weeks to members
  • Special Edition Ethena will be gifted to members at random as a symbol of gratitude
  • Collaborate with additional charity campaigns and orphanages

Phase 03

Devoted Leadership

  • Exclusive Private Party Events for members only with the Founders of ETHena along with a few guest celebrities
  • Launch an animal shelter/rescue for abandoned animals
  • Giveaway "mystery gifts" to members at random such as: Special Edition Ethena, luxury paid vacation for two, $15,000 or more in Ethereum, a brand new Tesla Model 3 and more... (to be announced)

Phase 04

To be announced





A charity donor with a softspot for helping those in need of basic human rights. Founder, designer, oversee technical development.



A lover of charity who also protects animals that are displaced, abused or abandoned. Marketer, promoter.